Violence Against Women, Women & Race, Women's History

What can we learn from the limited account on the role of black women in the fight for equality?

Reading Time: 8 minutes I am starting to question my limited knowledge of the contribution of black women in challenging inequality. Have I been relying on accounts that perhaps too often exclude their work and experiences? If included, rarely painted as leaders? As role models? Accounts that imply black women have had no significant role in the freedoms we all enjoy today.   I…

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Violence Against Women, Women & Culture

Feminism, an introduction

Reading Time: 8 minutes More of us seem to be declaring ourselves feminists. But what does feminism mean to us and what are we communicating to others about ourselves, our society and our view of the world? Are there areas, say politically, socially, privately where feminism is unnecessary? It is safe to say, I thought I knew what feminism meant; women’s access to rights…

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