International Women's Day, Women & Race

Should Black Women Withhold Forgiveness For Injustices Suffered, And How Do They Confront Growing Resentment And Misogynoir?

Reading Time: 7 minutes The oppressors maintain their position and evade their responsibility for their own actions. There is a constant drain of energy which might be better used in redefining ourselves and devising realistic scenarios for altering the present and constructing the future. Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches All women are expected to forgive Forgiveness is defined as “the act of forgiving…

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International Women's Day


Reading Time: 5 minutes In educating myself on women’s rights and feminism, International Women’s Day (IWD) presents an opportunity to acquire further knowledge. To learn from those leading the charge.  Looking into its history, I have learned IWD started in 1909 by a Socialist Party of America in support of women’s demand for better working conditions in the garment industry. It evolved in 1910 into…

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