Historical Context


Reading Time: 9 minutes Students at Warwick University recently reminded us that “racism is class”.This is valuable insight into the thinking of young white men. Racism, sexism and class are relevant ideals today. Ideals invented to obtain and keep power, for the few. But what does class mean for women? How is feminism defined in a class system?  CLASS CATEGORIES HAVE BEEN REIMAGINED BUT…

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Feminism, Historical Context, Lessons

What can we learn from the limited account on the role of black women in the fight for equality?

Reading Time: 8 minutes I am starting to question my limited knowledge of the contribution of black women in challenging inequality. Have I been relying on accounts that perhaps too often exclude their work and experiences? If included, rarely painted as leaders? As role models? Accounts that imply black women have had no significant role in the freedoms we all enjoy today.   I…

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