Who We Are

There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt.

Audre Lorde, Black lesbian feminist writer

A Collective Feminism (ACF) explores, challenges and champions for urgent change for women, and in particular, marginalised women.

  • Our purpose: Most women may be aware that their lives are impacted everyday by slights and insults, whether intentional or unintentional, that play into to gender, racial stereotypes. And many may think these experiences are individual to them, ACF aims to reveal these reflect longstanding customs, traditions and beliefs that impair women. Understanding the assumptions forced on women, on being female, and how they obstruct our potential goes to our empowerment. 
  • Our approach: Women’s lives are not only impacted by gender, but also racism, classism, ableism, homophobia etc. ACF thus inspects a variety of problems to reveal women’s collective position in society. It examines experiences women share, and those particular to Black women, poor women, immigrant women. The information provided here is based on extensive reading, individual experiences, observations, and will be comprehensiveuseful and easy to understand.
  • Our story: ACF was established in 2018 in the wake of events of 2016 and 2017. Events that included Donald Trump’s presidential election, the UK voting to leave the European Union, the staggering numbers of sexual assault claims against Harvey Weinstein and others that followed. Events that collectively signalled society’s fundamental problems with women. Problems that were emphasised by the media’s hostile stance in its seeming commitment to prevent helpful dialogues on the treatment of women by men in power.
  • Our inspiration: The #MeToo movement, founded by Black activist Tarana Burke, brought global attention to the violence women face daily at work, home and on the street. It inspired many of us to push back against this. Here, we start with a commitment to raise our consciousness, to adopt a critical perspective to women’s role in society.

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ABOUT ME: Hello! My name is Milly and I created this platform to explore my passion, women’s right to self-govern. To encourage collective awareness of women’s right to have control over our bodies, to secure economic and social independence and ultimately, to freely be our authentic selves.  

I am a African born and London raised law graduate, currently taking a Masters in Gender, Sexuality and Culture. Please get in touch. M x