About ACF

ACF educates and champions for essential change for all, and in particular, marginalised women. You may be aware that your life is impacted everyday by small and big insults, assaults and demonstrations that play into gender, racial stereotypes. And perhaps you thought these were individual to your experience. ACF aims to reveal this experience is reflective of customs and traditions that impair women. Grasping where these assumptions come from, how they obstruct your life, goes to understanding the context within which you as a woman assert yourself. 

ACF inspects recent and past events from a feminist perspective to understand the circumstances of women in society. The views provided here are based on extensive reading. As well as individual experiences and observations. ACF therefore offers a comprehensiveuseful and easy to understand study. Demonstrating the links and differing impacts on women. Especially on Black, poor, immigrant women.

ACF was established in 2018, in the wake of big events in 2016 and 2017. Events such as Donald Trump’s presidential election, the UK voting to leave the European Union. And the staggering number of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein. These collectively signalled significant setback for women. The media’s aggressive response in belittling women who shared their testimonies, demonstrated society’s investment to prevent any helpful dialogue on the treatment of women by men in power.

MeToo movement founder, Tirana Burke, an activist from New York. She had began using “Me Too” as early as 2006 to raise awareness of sexual abuse.

The #MeToo movement brought global attention on the traumas women face daily. It inspired many of us to push back against this animosity, any way we can. Here we start with education. A commitment to inform ourselves properly on society’s unrelenting aggression aganist women.

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ABOUT ME: Hello Friends! My name is Milly, founder of ACF. I created this space to think, write and be creative. Women’s advancement in society, the right to control their bodies, their independence and ultimately, freedom to be their authentic selves, is what I am excited about. I am eager to connect and grow with those as energised about urgent change for women. 

I am an African Londoner, a law graduate with a lot to share! Please get in touch with any questions. M.